High pressure pumps

High pressure pumps

A wide range of high pressure pumps and accessories is also available for surface cleaning.
For every application we have the most suitable pump in the range, a small selection of possibilities:

Drive: diesel, electric or hydraulic driven
Capacities: 4 to 2000 l/min clean water
Pressure: working pressures from 90 to 2500 bar
Pump power: to 800 kW depending on required pressure and capacity
Warmwater units: Working pressures to 600 bar and various capacities


The rental program includes a wide range of HD guns (underwater and above water), tank washing heads, nozzles and rotor jets for optimum performance of the cleaning work. Certified HD hoses of 3/8 “to 1” diameter and maximum operating pressures up to 2500 bar are also available.

Frequency inverters are also available for electric high-pressure pumps.


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